This is

my personal blog, where I spew out my thoughts about stuff I am currently confronted with or thing about. Mostly in English, sometimes in German. These are not private notes however, what I am posting here is meant to be public, so the texts should be subject to discourse and constructive criticism. When I write here I do so with intent, verve and confidence, but with the humility of a flawed human being. If you find factually incorrent statements or other mistakes, please tell me.

I am

a self-learned web developer from Vienna. My go-to languages are Python and JavaScript. I know enough PHP to be dangerous. I have a working knowledge of most front-end technologies and know my way around their ecosystems. I am interested in everything web, game development and data visualization. I believe in focused work in a distracted world. I believe in making conscious consumer decisions.


I’m not hugely available, but I do check my Twitter account on special occasions. You can email me @ this domain, with the user name ‘mail’.