I got shadow banned for the first time in my life

I’m going to admit something. Even though I have been quitting most social media, I did keep a Mastodon account that I checked from time to time. Mastodon is a site that would remind you of Twitter if you saw it for the first time, but it’s federated, open-source and all of that good stuff. It also claims to be “ethically designed” in regards to it’s addictiveness, so you don’t feel compelled to check it over and over again, but I don’t really know how that claim manifests itself.

Anyways, I wasn’t hugely active on it, but recently I saw a post that was cursing out the Salvation Army because of their Christian views. I’m not affiliated with this organization, but seeing such an aggressive post against benevolent people I weighed in saying that the good they do (feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, sheltering the homeless, etc.) isn’t rendered non-existent or even bad by political views that some people might disagree with. The exchange that followed was short and had little to no substance with a few people calling me names and me accusing them of narrow mindedness, you know, a typical internet conversation, although I generally try to conduct myself a little better than the average user.

Lo and behold, my profile on mastodon.social got deleted within a day. I’m not holding grudges, if anything they did me a favor because I was indeed contemplating to delete my account myself (for less distraction), so now I don’t have to make this decision. Also, the fact that someone did not only disagree with me when I was speaking out for charitable work which I assumed – in face of all of today’s dividedness – was a very basic common denominator, but actually found it so unforgivably offensive that they reported me and that then there was an admin who agreed that this is unacceptable behavior and banned the account without warning or notice is so far beyond me, that I can’t even begin to rationalize it. If I heard this story about somebody else I would probably think to myself “there must have been more he has done he isn’t saying”. Maybe there was something else going on that I’m unaware of and I happened to blindly walk into. I don’t know. As I usually do, I give all the actors here the benefit of the doubt, even though the Mastodon community is notoriously quick to anger.

Anyways, I looked at other Mastodon instances today that may be a little more liberal towards, well, charity (lol?), and make a blog post about how I chose a Mastodon instance that is right for me, but I’m just not going to bother. Looking at this from some distance has made me realize, that Mastodon, much like all the other social media, has not added value to my life.