Konstantin Kovar

react and web developer

Web development is fascinating. As an information platform, the web is unique in many ways. It is open to anyone and owned by no one (or so the idea). As a result, it is filled with wonderful things in some parts, and disgusting, horrid and despicable things in others.

From a technical perspective, it is an extremely diverse domain, since the technologies that power it, run on a myriad of devices. Your PC, of course, your phone, unsurprisingly, but maybe also on your TV, your coffee machine, your watch, your fridge and in your car.

On the other hand, web development is relatively easy to get started with. A lot of people's first contact with the world of programming - wherever they might end up in it - is by learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This blog documents the story of me - Konstantin - a self-taught developer, navigating the wild, unpredictable, ever-changing waters of modern web dev and trying to stay on its bleeding edge.